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11/16/2011 The Arizona Republic: Tribe deserves water rights

11/16/2011 The Arizona Republic: Tribe deserves water rights: The Gila River Indian Community deserves every drop of water right that it has obtained and to use the water for its exclusive benefit. It is apparent from Earl Zarbin’s Nov. 5 column in The Arizona Republic “Tribes have a role in Ariz’s water future,” that he either does not know or does not care that O’odham (Pima) people starved and died at the turn of the 20th century due to the lack of irrigation water from the Gila River to grow their crops. The Gila River was illegally diverted up stream of the reservation, despite the fact that the Gila River Indian Community had the right of prior appropriation of the river water. Zarbin should read David DeJong’s “Stealing the Gila” to learn and appreciate the tragic story of the loss of the right to the irrigation water and the effect the loss of the water had on the tribe. — David Mowry, Glendale