Campaigns Against Uranium Mining

On July 21, 2009, Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar ordered a 2-year withdrawal of over 1 million acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and National Forest lands near the Grand Canyon from new hard-rock mining claims, including uranium mining claims to provide time for studies and analyses of a more lengthy withdrawal. Unfortunately, this will not halt the development of existing claims and previously permitted uranium mining operations endangering the integrity of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River, a drinking water source for millions of people.

Department of Justice Outreach to Victims of Uranium Exposure

4 8 10 FP Congressional Testimony w BBC Link opposing uranium mining.doc

4 30 09 Navajo Nation issues ban on uranium mining.pdf

7 22 09 FP Comments opposing uranium mining by Grand Canyon.doc

7 23 09 AZ House of Representatives letter to Congress.pdf

8 9 07 FP Response to US EPA Generic EIS for Uranium Milling Facilities.doc

9 02 09 FP comments VANE Minerals Uranium Exploratory Drilling Project.doc


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