Where is the water for Twin Arrows Casino?

Letters – Navajo Times www.navajotimes.com The Newspaper of the Navajo people FROM THE READERS, March 17, 2011 Where is the water for Twin Arrows Casino? Where is the water for the Navajo’s Twin Arrows Casino? CEO Bob Winter said he didn’t know how much the casino would use and does not know where water for the casino will come from. A current article stated drilling is being done which will be the deepest in the world to find water and fears it will result in empty caverns. Bob Winter better advise the Navajo leaders they had better bring their own water to Flagstaff’s casino because Flagstaff is hurting for water, and, too, the five planned Navajo casinos will need water for their swimming pools and their golf courses. The locals can barely tolerate windy Navajo country and its dust, and in some areas at times, red dust. Navajo lands suffer very cold winters, so no swimming or golfing during those times of year.

Winter must not have informed the Navajo leaders that only casinos situated near large cities profit from the most, not remote, rural casinos that the Navajo casinos will be. Fire Rock Casino’s success is from Navajo tribal members spending all or a great deal of their government checks (disability, SSI and retirement) at gaming.

The Navajo lands are considered a Third World country right here in America with many living without running water and electricity in remote areas, living off the land and sheepherding. Yet, the leaders prefer to spend $200 million on five casinos that care for their people’s basic necessities.

The federal government has allocated $33 million dollars in taxpayer money for high-tech communication lines and cell towers to be situated on Navajo lands.

Well, if the starving Navajos don’t have food on the table, running water or electricity, the government wants them to have cell phones.

Derek Zoe
Camp Verde, Ariz.


4 Thoughts on “Where is the water for Twin Arrows Casino?

  1. It was reported the Navajo Nation broke ground in March 2011 for their Twin Arows Casino so WATER MUST HAVE BEEN FOUND…wouldn’t you think? Or are they still drilling…?

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