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Forgotten People's Response to Water Settlement Approved

News Release

November 8, 2010-The Forgotten People, a Navajo grassroots organization, on its own behalf and that of Navajo holders of various water rights, including but not limited to allottees, who hold preexisting aboriginal rights, allotment rights, original Indian title allotment rights, restricted allotment rights, public domain allotment rights, homestead allotment rights, and/or other rights, including federal reserved rights, to the waters of the Little Colorado River system and its tributaries, and to the Lower Basin of the Colorado River, and its tributaries, and such rights have not been extinguished; and there are such holders of rights to such waters under other legal theories or regimes; that the purported settlement of Navajo Nation water rights adopted by the Navajo Nation Council is invalid.

The Council acted on November 4, 2010. It is invalid for the reason that the holders of aboriginal, Treaty, homestead, allotment, and other water rights were not given adequate notice of the settlement and that their free prior and informed consent was not obtained by the Navajo Nation. The Forgotten People organization is filing a Lis Pendens notice with the Apache County Clerk and Recorder to put the world on notice of their property and water rights, and a notice is being sent to President Shirley of the Navajo Nation.

The notice requests that he veto the Council action and, if passed, that he refuse to sign the agreement under the discretionary authority granted in the resolution.

Please refer to the attached copies of the Lis Pendens and Notice to President Shirley for more details.

For more information, please contact:
Don Yellowman, President
The Forgotten People
(928) 401-1777

Navajos’ Forgotten People to President: VETO! Water Rights Not for Sale!

Scanned signed copy of a Lis Pendens Forgotten People filed in Apache County Clerk and Recorders Office, a Notice to the President and a news release.NAVAJO PROPERTY HOLDERS PUT WATER RIGHTS CLAIMA…

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Forgotten People Geological Society of America (GSA) ABSTRACT

Forgotten People presented with Dr. Lee F. Greer, La Sierra University (Riverside, CA) at the 2010 Geological Society of America (GSA) Annual Meeting & Exposition “Reaching New Peaks in Geoscience” in Denver, CO on Wednesday, November 3, 2010. Our final title was “Decolonizing the Navajo Nation: Grassroots Development Activism & Identifying Abandoned Uranium Sites to Secure Environmental Justice.” We made some excellent technical contacts willing to help with the work. There was also an extended panel discussion. The violations of human rights on the Navajo Nation are similar to those faced by indigenous and poor peoples elsewhere in the world where mineral extraction is taking place. We were encouraged to return again and present to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in April, 2011. Please check out the link to the ABSTRACT “Forgotten People Navajo Nation Laboratory – Geology Threats and Environmental Justice.”

Letter to NNC Delegates Re: Dine' Water $ Values $ and Falsehoods

This was sent to the NNC Council Delegates 11/1/10:
Dear Honorable Delegates:
Re: “Water$ Values $ and Falsehoods”
Attached please find a brief report with important falsehoods (with verified references) relating to the misdirection and deception of the Council and Commission on Water Rights.
All of The Dine’ Water Rights Groups (like the student groups who put a 1/2 page in the Times this latest issue) are concerned that the Council and the People are not just getting deceptive information, but getting no information on the true monetary value of our water.Consider that other tribes are using their water also for capital development, e.g.,Gila River just leased some of their water for $70,000,000 off the reservation to do capital development on the Reservation. They receive a lease value of $1,743 per acre foot per year.Theownership value (not the lease value) for our NIIP water was appraised by BIA and internationally renowned farm appraisers at $15,000 per acre foot (or 4.2$billion dollars) in 2002.
The lease value of the more than 100,000 acre feet of NIIP water that went unused last year could be comparable to the Gila River Tribe. But, Pollack waived our rights in the SanJuan Settlement to do that downstream. With no knowledge of true water values being allowed by Pollack and his supporters, and relying on deceptive information, the Settlement debate is very far from being complete. This is why the People respectfully request2 hours to present (with a PowerPoint Presentation) on November 4th Special Session before Attorney Stanley Pollack presents. Attorney Stanley Pollack has had years to talk with you. Please allow the People the time to present at the NNC Water Rights Special Session.
Thank you for your consideration,
Don Yellowman,
President, Forgottenpeople
On behalf of our membership and the memberships of all The Dine’ Water Rights Groups