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Please call KTNN Radio to help us stop the NE AZ Indian Water Rights Settlement

Greetings! The Navajo People are at a crucial juncture. If we don’t stop a proposed Northeastern Water Rights Setltement the Navajo Nation will be at the mercy of the State of Arizona and the corporations. Through our Dine’ Water rights efforts we have already stopped the legislation and managed to get it tabled. Now this legislation will be put to a final vote on Thursday, November 4. If we manage to get it tabled one more time it will be a dead issue.We need your generous donation to fund air time so we can stop this legislation until the administration takes office, studies the mattter and puts it out as a referendum for the people to decide. A Dine’ Water Rights account has been set up. Please contact Steward Begay, Account Executive KTNN Radio (928) 871-3544 and make your contribution with a debit or credit card. $20.00 will fund one minute of air time. The amount we raise will determine how often we can air these segments from now through November 4th to get the word out and get people to attend the Navajo Nation Water Rights Special Session in Window Rock, AZ.Water is a most precious and limited resource. Water is life. With your help the Navajo Nation Council will vote No on the proposed water rights settlement.Thank you for your generous assistance. Thank you, Don Yellowman, President, Forgotten People for Dine’ Water Rights

News Announcement and Notice of Suit filed to protect the Navajo Nation Courts

On October 30, 2010, Dooda Desert Rock and Forgotten People announce a notice of suit to protect the Navajo Nation Courts on behalf of Navajos who want access to a fair and impartial court system to prevent the Council from abolishing the court system. Dooda Desert Rock and Forgotten People said, we give warning that w…e will not tolerate legislative interference in the functioning of the court system We take this opportunity to file a protective notice, because we are being alerted of moves to remove the Chief Justice, change the Judiciary Committee procedures for removal hearings, and otherwise obstruct justice and the rule of law. Please check out the link for the news announcement and notice of suit.

NE AZ Indian Water Rights Settlement

Please check out a link for the Northeastern AZ Indian Water Rights Settlement and use the Index posted to find out what is really in the Settlement Agreement.

Delegates as Heros and Index to NE AZ Indian Water Rights Settlement Agreement

Dear Friends, On Friday, October 29th, Forgotten People shared these documents with the Council delegates. The first describes the People’s great need for new Heroes in these trying times. The second attachment is an index to the Northeastern AZ Indian Water Rights Settlement Agreement with over 600 entries.
You can use the index to look up most noteworthy subjects found in the Settlement Agreement. This index is an enormous help to the People in locating Settlement Agreement subjects they want to know more about.
We and numerous other Navajo water rights groups can almost guarantee that any delegates with an open and objective mind will be shocked by some of the additional information we have that we plan to present on November 4th.
Most respectfully,
Don Yellowman
President, Forgotten People
On behalf of own membership and the memberships of the multiple organizations
that constitute The Dine’ Water Rights Groups

Major Falsehoods Regarding Dine' Water Rights Lawyer Stanley Pollack

Please check out a link for “Disclosure of Major Falsehoods Regarding Dine’ Water Rights Lawyer Stanley Pollack’s and Lawyer Scott McElroy’s Misleading the Navajo Nation Water Rights Commission, the Navajo Nation Council, and the Navajo People”

Things are moving…

Thank you for visiting Forgotten People’s fresh News Flash blog. Things are moving quickly and we are continually posting news and photos.  Please check back soon!